A Quick Interjection of Quotes & Kid Stories

Jedidiah: “Daddysaurus!” (this is what he called his daddy at dinner last night)

Lilia: (while helping me to chop red bell peppers with a butter knife) “I think I’m almost a grown-up now.”

Today, when we were getting into our car, the kids started arguing about who would get in first (as they often do). Then Jedidiah remembered that Lilia had a fever, and he said, “You should go first because you have a fever.” Lilia conceded saying, “You’re right. I have a fever. I should go first.” Then, once Jedidiah got in the car, he gave Lilia a big hug in her carseat before proceeding on to his booster seat. It was the sweetest thing.

After dropping Jedidiah off at his preschool class, Lilia was riding in her carseat with a plush butterfly toy (that incidentally belonged to her great-grandmother). She was holding the toy near her face and nodding off to sleep. Sweet sick little ones really pull at my heartstrings. Poor girl has been having high fevers off and on for the past 48 hours. The worst part is, that if we give her meds to bring down the fever, she is awake and hyper for some 4 to 5 hours afterward (her body has always responded this way to tylenol and motrin). Please pray that she gets some good sleep tonight.


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