Top 10 Reasons I Am Behind on Blogging REASON #9: Retreats

Two weeks ago, I went on our church’s women’s retreat. This was such a gift! I went away all by myself without the kids. I did not have to cook a single meal or wash a single dish. I slept well, laughed a lot, had great conversations with other women, and spent time in creation. The retreat was held at a beautiful retreat center near a river, and (given the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having around here) it was perfect for long walks and sitting in the grass feeling the warm sunshine and contemplating the flowers, the bees, and the flowing river. I had lovely times of solitude with God and corporate worship with other women. Plus, we were housed in a castle! It was actually a wealthy family’s summer home many years ago, but they built it to be like a castle – complete with spiral staircases, suits of armor, and even a secret chapel that you could locate by pushing on a certain bookcase! The kids loved hearing about all of this when I came home. In fact, they were both so supportive of “mommy going on a retreat with grown-up girls.” Here are a few pictures…

Also, I am planning this year’s annual Reba Place Fellowship Retreat for the third year in a row. I have to say that I’m a bit burnt out on doing this job. I think this will be my last year. The retreat will be the last weekend in April. Please pray for me as I work on details while still keeping perspective about the big picture.


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