Top 10 Reasons I Am Behind on Blogging REASON #8: Thai Bodywork Training

About a year and a half ago, I learned about a Thai massage school just a few blocks from where we live. A fellow momma friend was taking classes there and gushing about how great the place was – a nationally-known school with great teachers just blocks away. All of this brought back memories of our time in Thailand; I’d had several Thai massages while we were there. I was eager to learn more. So, I signed up for a practice massage session with this friend, and I was completely floored! It was, honestly, the best massage I had ever experienced. I felt relaxed for at least a week afterwards (usually I feel like massages “wear off” after a few hours). And there were more benefits: clients stay fully clothed in comfortable clothes or pajamas, the massage is done on the floor (no need for a table), and the massage is actually beneficial for the practitioner (using bodyweight and stretching instead of hand-strength).

So, I decided to try one class and see what I thought. I took that class last April, and I have enjoyed and practiced the skills I learned ever since. I have practiced on friends and family members and heard great reports. But, all I’d had was an introductory class – I wanted to learn more techniques and theory about how to correct problem areas. So, I took another class in February (Thai Herbal Compress) and a third class in March (Hands Free – using feet, elbows, knees, etc. for a deeper massage). This has all been so much fun for me to learn and to share with others. I will take another class in April, bringing me to about half-way through the program!

I’m hoping that this might be a good part-time job for me in my years as a stay-at-home mom. But, right now, I’m still learning and practicing. So, next time I see you, be sure to get in line for a massage!

Here is the website of the school I am attending:


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons I Am Behind on Blogging REASON #8: Thai Bodywork Training

  1. This sounds awesome! I want to hear more, and yes, sign up. I’ve had one Thai massage on the floor of a friend’s house in the mountains of Colorado and it was incredible as well. What joy for you!

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