Top 10 Reasons I Am Behind on Blogging REASON #7: Spring Came Early in Chicago

Chicago is a city of very long winters. The past three winters that we have lived here have begun in early November and lasted through the end of April. That’s SIX months of winter, people!! Usually, the first week in May, the trees begin to bud and the first flowers begin to show their faces. I wouldn’t say that May is generally warm, but it is lovely.

This year has been very different. The winter was quite mild in general: the Fall extended through November, there wasn’t much snow, and there were nice days scattered throughout even the coldest months. And, the biggest surprise of all, we started having 80 degree days in March! The trees started flowering and the flowers started blooming nearly TWO MONTHS before their usual schedule. From what I’ve picked up from friends across the nation, similar trends have been happening elsewhere, as well.

I will say that all of this has been a little eerie and caused us to feel heightened concern about global warming. But, despite the worries and the weirdness, we can’t help but enjoy the warmth and the beauty. All of these long winters have taught us one thing: when it’s nice in Chicago, you go outside!! So, even in the early spring, we are enjoying lots of outdoor days and, perhaps, neglecting the blog a bit. 😉


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