The Piggy Party

Lilia’s third birthday and super-fun birthday bash happened over a month ago now, but I still want to blog these momentous occasions. Lilia had been asking for a “piggy party” for months, so we found a way to make that happen! We sent out piggy invitations. We decorated with pink and brown (Lilia informed me that pigs can be brown, too – she’s seen brown ones in the nursery!). We ate pig slop (chili) for lunch and piggy cupcakes for dessert. We made adorable piggy party hats. And, best of all, Josh made a mud pit, or rather a sand box, as a big surprise for the birthday girl! We had the party on a Monday morning, and apparently that was a great time – pretty much all of Lilia’s little friends were able to attend. It really was a great party – probably the most fun and relaxed birthday party that Josh and I have pulled off so far. Here are a few pictures:

Lilia’s friends brought toys for the sandbox as her gifts:

All the guests wore pink and brown in honor of the piggy party. Here they are checking out the new sand box (under the fort in the backyard that was already there).

Big brother, who decided to make a piggy nose instead of a piggy hat…

Me posing with Lilia’s hat, since I couldn’t get her to do it…


Gluten-free, dye-free piggy cupcakes!


And a few things about our Lilia Mercy at age three:

  • She is definitely more independent and dare I say stubborn at age 3. She believes that she can do anything and that she knows everything. If we tell her anything – even high level scientific facts – she says “I know, Mom. I know.”
  • She is very social and has lots of little friends, but she has started to be a little shy around people she does not know well or does not see often.
  • She is a very capable three-year-old. She dresses herself, washes dishes, helps me cook (and is actually helpful!), and can do many daily tasks on her own.
  • She says a ton of hilarious things lately. I need to get better about posting them on here right away or I forget them. (One example: Recently, she went to Josh and said, “Hey, Daddy. Could you give me some money, because I need some cash.”)

She is still sweet and cuddly and about half and half a mama’s girl and a daddy’s girl. She brings us so many smiles and cheers us up when we’re tired or down. We’re so thankful for her spunky and sweet presence in our family.


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