Best Friend’s Birthday Party

Jedidiah’s best buddy around here is a little girl named Delaney. If you asked him who his best friend is, he might name some random kid he hardly knows from his Tuesday morning preschool class. But, the truth is, Jedidiah’s best friend is definitely Delaney. They spend tons of time together, play all sorts of fantastic imagination games together, hilariously argue with each other, and laugh together pretty much every day of their lives. This week was Delaney’s 5th birthday, and she had a lovely backyard birthday bash (she lives about half a block away from us, and her family is part of the Reba community, too). It was a “Fairies, Elves, and Gnomes Party,” and it was such a sweet time. Here are some pictures of our adorable gnome (Jedidiah) and fairy (Lilia). The little boy Lilia’s age is Delaney’s younger brother Soren (who Lilia admits is her best friend).

Two gnomes having a conversation…

The birthday girl…



Once again, our FANTASTIC little gnome who took his character quite seriously…

What a delightful celebration!


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