Top 10 Reasons I Am Behind on Blogging REASON #2: There’s so much to do & It’s all just going by TOO fast!

Having young children pulls me in opposite directions most of the time. First, this phase of life requires a lot of work. Even if I do not add any extra activities to my life, my day is still full of things to do…things that do not even seem worthy of a to-do list because they are constant, unending work: making meals, doing dishes, helping kids with their personal care, ¬†laundry, folding and putting laundry away, cleaning the house, mediating sibling conflicts, taking care of my own personal care, calming and disciplining kids, and keeping our day in some sort of routine.

Second, there is this more important aspect of really wanting to be present with my precious children. At this point in motherhood, I am more aware than ever that my time with these innocent little ones is limited. In the blink of an eye, my kids have gone from the babies that other kids needed to treat gently to the “big kids” of the group. Now, they are the ones who everyone expects to watch out for the little ones. I savor the moments I get to watch them play together or hold them for a few minutes in my lap. With kindergarten fast approaching, I think more and more about how I want to spend these last few months with both of my babies at home. In my mind, we could do crafts and activities and experiments and long walks to the lake and luxurious mornings at the library reading and reading – this is what I WANT to do with my days. But, there are commitments I’ve made and dishes to wash and keeping the house in order so that I don’t want to pull my hair out and trips to prepare for and recover from. And, somehow, the days slide by so very quickly.

So, if there are no blogs for awhile, you can imagine that I am probably holding onto every adorable little word Lilia says, laughing at the ensemble of dress-up clothes Jedidiah has put together to look (in his mind) like a fireman, trying to memorize Lilia’s adorable three-year old features that melt my heart every time I see her, attempting to keep up with Jedidiah’s description of a pirate ship and pirate qualities that are some mix of what he’s read and what he’s imagined, or playing “catch the Jedidiah & Lilia” to the sound of uproarious giggles. I love these little ones to the point of tears, and I know that the next phases will be full of joy and special moments, but they will never again be “innocents in the nest.” I am thankful for each day, each moment, that I am truly able to be present with them – affirming them by enjoying them just the way God made them and receiving the gift of innocence and joy that they have to offer to me.


Darling one…

Jedidiah and his “favorite member of the family”…

Jedidiah in his awesome raincoat from Gramma & Grampa…


Best of friends…

The king and queen (Jedidiah always chooses this shirt when he wants to be a king – it cracks me up!)…

Beautiful creations of God: May this phase of life teach you lessons that you never forget: That you are loved, delighted in, and that you can be fully present in your world. Know that your presence in the world has been a gift to those around you.







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