They Make Me Smile

Tonight, we walked home with our friends the Dahlaws. Their two kids are our kids’ best friends. The kids ran ahead of us into the apartment building. When we got to the building, they were each lying across a different stair – four stairs in a row. They were waiting quietly, holding in their laughter until they knew we saw them. Then, all four little faces turned to us with giant smiles and an eruption of giggling that lasted several minutes. It was so precious and had all the adults laughing almost as hard.

Then, our friends walked on to their place, and we went into our place. Inside, Jedidiah and Lilia took turns singing a a made up song into a play microphone: “I forgive you, my little Darling!”

Then, Lilia initiated making “bubble soup” by filling up the bathroom sink with soapy water. The whole time they’ve been playing, Lilia has been calling Jedidiah “darling.”

These little moments are gifts, and they make me smile. šŸ™‚


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