Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

Our family got to spend the week before Memorial Day in this beautiful place. Family from all over the country gathered to honor and remember Charles and Jeanne McCallister, Josh’s grandparents who passed away in the last year. Many of these pictures were taken from their lovely “farm” (as we all call it). This was the place where they retired (their home state of West Virginia) after spending most of their adult lives moving around for work. Charles McCallister eventually became the president of a well-known company, Dunn & Bradstreet, so he lived in many different cities as he climbed the ranks. Yet, he remained faithful to his roots, and returned to “Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.” All the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren have loved returning to this breathtaking spot as often as they have had the chance. So, we all gathered to say goodbye to these outstanding people right here in their place. And we buried their ashes on their property. It was sad to say goodbye, but it seemed like the fitting way to do so.

Our little family also had a lovely week of play and rest in God’s creation. The week with each other and with extended family in such a perfect spot was truly a gift to our busy city family. Here are a few pictures…


Playing with cousin Julia…

Visiting a graveyard where other family members are buried…

Summersville Lake

Babcock State Park (we had a blast climbing from rock to rock down by the river)…



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