Waldorf Dolls

Meet Ezra Jack and Hattie. Thanks to my friend Katie, I was inspired to make these Waldorf dolls for Jedidiah and Lilia for Christmas. It was a new and fun process to learn some doll-making skills, and I was pleased with how they turned out. Jedidiah and Lilia were thrilled about their dolls, too. Jedidiah was especially excited as he had been wanting a doll for a long time.

I meant to share about these special gifts right after Christmas, but there was actually a good deal of drama around that time. The truth is that I made these two dolls…

“Ezra” and “Hattie”

They were well-received on Christmas morning in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The kids loved on them and cuddled with them for the rest of the trip.

But then something tragic happened. Ezra got left on the Amtrak train on the way home. Though we discovered this less than an hour after getting off the train, it was too late. We called the Amtrak Lost and Found repeatedly for weeks, but Ezra was no where to be found.

Honestly, it took me a month or two to feel up for making another doll. It was a lot of time and work, and I felt as sad as Jedidiah (maybe more so!) about losing this special doll.

Finally, though, I began the task. It went much faster since I knew the process fairly well. We named the second doll “Ezra Jack.” And he is quite loved by Jedidiah. Ezra Jack rarely, if ever, leaves our apartment (with good reason!), but he has a special place in the crook of Jedidiah’s arm every night.


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