Back in the USA


My sister Savanah and brother-in-law Scott got married last August. Since then, they have had many adventures! They did mission work in Honduras in the Fall, Ireland in the Spring, and then backpacked through much of Europe to end up at Scott’s brother’s wedding in Hungary in June! They have just returned to the States, and we felt honored to have a visit from them. We had some good time to connect over a walk to the beach and shared meals. Despite a difficult trip to the Shedd Aquarium (long story), we had a great time with these newlyweds! The kids, of course, LOVE their Uncle Scott and Aunt Savanah. Jedidiah even woke up on his own at 5:30 the morning they left, just to make sure he didn’t miss saying goodbye! It’s always a special treat to see one of my sisters. I wish wish WISH we all lived closer together, but I savor these sweet times we get to be together.

Here’s a picture from the wedding – almost one year ago!


4 thoughts on “Back in the USA

    • We miss you!!! I’m looking forward to good sister time in 2013! I’ve been praying for you today – I hope you have a great time with mom and dad.

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