Drumroll, Please…

Our third child will be a


We had a sonogram last week and found out that Jedidiah and Lilia will be having a baby brother! Jedidiah is, of course, thrilled. Lilia seemed to adjust to the idea quickly without much emotion. I have been thinking of lots of benefits to this configuration of children. Each one will have a special place: Jedidiah will be the oldest, Lilia will be the only girl, and the baby will be, well, the baby of the family. I also think it may ease the transition for Lilia, as she will not be displaced as my baby girl. I’m also excited about still having one boy and one girl at home when Jedidiah heads for Kindergarten. I like the balance that more than one gender gives to our activities. Josh is super-excited about the adventures he might have with two little boys, especially as we anticipate living close to the mountains. Of course, our adventurous Lilia is not one to be left out of camping and hiking and such. She may be girly, but she is a tough little tomboy sometimes, too. I am already wondering how being the middle child between two brothers will affect her personality. For some reason, Josh and I have not been able to think of any families we know with this arrangement of boys and girls. It would be fun to hear from some one who has children in the boy-girl-boy order.

Anyway, here are a few pregnancy pics – 4 months and 5 months along. I’ve grown a lot in the last month! Oh – and just to spice things up, I’ve decided to do a silly pose each month. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Drumroll, Please…

  1. You look great! I am excited about bitty baby boy McCallister. And I look forward to more silly poses.

  2. I am thrilled about the newest McCallister baby boy. I like the silly pregnancy poses. As for the boy girl boy pattern … What about Luke, Paisley, Liam (before Finnley and Jonah came along.)

    • Thanks, Jessica! Yes – I did think of a couple of families that had boy-girl-boy and then had more children. Who knows – maybe there’ll be another babe in our family before it’s all said and done.

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