Wisdom from the Wee Ones

Jedidiah (when I did not have water with me on a walk): “Mom, you should always bring water on outings.”

Lilia (when Josh put raw onions on her food): “Daddeeee, kids don’t like onions!!”

Jedidiah (on a particularly hot day, after many hot days in a row without air conditioning): “I’ve had such a good day, why am I acting so mean?!” (Oh man, we were ALL quite grumpy in that crazy heat!)

Now that the heat has broken, maybe I’ll catch up on blogging with such topics as…

– The positive aspects about not having air conditioning

– Pregnancy pics & the gender of baby McCallister #3!

– Big moments for Jedidiah & Lilia

– Highlights of ecology center camp

– The fourth of July

Please, keep me accountable!! I don’t want to miss out on recording about these moments in our lives.


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