Highlights of Ecology Center Camp

For two weeks, Jedidiah and Lilia went to camps in the mornings with their friends Delaney and Soren. Jedidiah and Delaney went to Kinglet Camp (for kids going into Kindergarten), and Soren and Lilia went to Wildflower Camp (for three and four-year-olds). Here were the highlights that I heard from them over the course of the two weeks:

– Beach days (Thursdays) were a favorite for the bigger kids.

– Lilia got to pet a bearded dragon!

– Soren especially liked pretending like he was a turtle by hiding under a giant shell.

– Jedidiah loved getting to pet the bearded dragon and the box turtle, but he was too afraid to touch the king snake.

– Jedidiah’s favorite day was a field trip to The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian.

– Cactus day was a big hit! (Jedidiah and Delaney’s class was learning about the desert)

– Lilia loved getting to paint pictures.

– Jedidiah was ecstatic about the last day of camp – a cookout! He talked all day about how he got to have lemonade.

Somehow Katie (Del & Soren’s mom) and I missed that the younger kids didn’t meet on Fridays. So, the first Friday I took them to camp as normal, only to discover that no one else was there. Here are the two cuties all dressed for camp anyway:

I brought them back home, and they didn’t seem too disappointed. Here are the two of them jamming in our living room:

They crack me up! They are such a funny pair and can be quite mischievous when they team up.

OH, and then they went and played in rain puddles at Katie’s house for the rest of the time…

All in all, I think that camps were a good experience. Jedidiah would have liked to learn more academic/science-type things, but he really did have a blast! Here’s one last picture of Jedidiah with the exciting field trip bus!


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