Crazy Lilia

I really don’t know what was causing this, but Lilia was in rare form tonight. It was like she’d had caffeine or something. She was super-excited about a trip we’ll be taking tomorrow. She was gibber-gabbering on and on planning what we needed to bring on the trip. She was organizing what to put in the food bag and who would eat which type of fruit.

During our bedtime routine, she went off on a long tangent about her next birthday party (some 9 months away): “I want a pink dragon, glitter glue (this particular item comes up on every wish list), a red mermaid, a pink mermaid, a blue mermaid, a purple mermaid…” At which point, I interrupted her so I could finish reading her bedtime story. Just before falling asleep she said, “And I want a raspberry polka-dot birthday party. With raspberry cupcakes.”

Also, at dinner Josh was asking her if she knows who his mommy is. She was certain that I must be his mommy. We finally convinced her the Gramma is Josh’s mommy, but then she still couldn’t figure out who Josh’s daddy could be. She was pretty sure Josh’s daddy must be Uncle Jason. When we told her that it’s really Grampa, she gasped with surprise. I’m sure we’ve gone over this with her before, but I guess it actually clicked tonight.

Anyway, she’s just been cracking me up a lot lately, and I wanted to share a bit.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Lilia

  1. loved the story about Josh’s parents! It is so funny to listen to all that they want!!
    Now I am going to want a raspberry cupcake myself!!

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