Fourth of July Fun

On the Fourth of July, we spent most of the day at our community’s lake house in Wisconsin. It’s great to have such a beautiful shared space where we can get away from the city for a little while. There was a picnic and activities for the kids. We also had a brief but meaningful service honoring Jesus as our King.

In the evening, there was a cookout going on in our backyard. Jedidiah and Lilia had a great time splashing all the neighbor and guests with water from the kiddie pool. I did fail to mention that the week of July 4th was miserably HOT. We rarely get heat like this in Chicago, so we don’t even have an air conditioner. Everyone has been melting in the 100+ temperatures. Putting our feet in the kiddie pool and splashing ourselves with cold water have been ways of surviving the crazy heat.

Then, we had special dye-free Fourth of July treats. They were a big hit!

Later in the evening, we walked down to the lake with a few of our neighbors to watch the Evanston firework show. Jedidiah was enamored and jumping up and down through most of it. Lilia watched a few and then just wanted to take off her clothes and play in the lake. We finally gave in, since it was still so very hot. I love the image in my memory of Jedidiah jumping up and down with a giant smile, and Lilia in her underwear dancing through the water, almost oblivious to the light show in front of her. These big holidays bring up past memories of each year before. I enjoyed telling the children about each of their previous July Fourths – beginning with being 8 months pregnant with Jedidiah and watching him do somersaults in my belly with each loud boom of a firework going off. I can’t help but get a little teary about how quickly these years go by. But, mostly, I feel a deep gratefulness for the joy of a life made up of so many happy moments and for these people that I get to share my life with.


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