Lilia Quotes and Memories

-Lilia: (after climbing up a curved ladder at the park): “I did it all by myself, mommy. I’m like a teenager!”

-Lilia (out loud while trying to join in “Charades” with the rest of the family): “Mommy, let’s be bears doing ballet!” And then we did it, and Lilia acted really shy the whole time. Mind you, it was just Josh and Jedidiah who were our audience, and they both knew exactly what we were doing since Lilia had already announced it to them. Jedidiah, however, turned out to be fantastic at Charades!

-Lilia learned to play the game “Memory” this week. I was really impressed by her skills and her ability to take turns.

-Lilia and I were enjoying some one-on-one time swinging on the porch swing while she had a popsicle. I am amazed how we enjoy each other’s company so easily without words. It’s just so different than one-on-one time with Jedidiah. After just sitting together for awhile, Lilia said, “I remember when I was born.” I encouraged her, saying, “Yeah? What do you remember? What did you see when you were born?” Lilia thought and said, “Umm…cows, I think..” Hmmm…not so sure about that.

-We had zucchini chowder for dinner tonight, and Lilia was skeptical for awhile. She said, “I don’t like soup with fruit in it.” We explained that it was actually vegetables, not fruit. And, we reminded her that the doctor says to eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables. She acquiesced with an “okaaaaay.” Once she started eating it, she couldn’t stop! She ended up eating the entire bowl. In the end, she said reluctantly,”Okaaaaaay, I DO like soup with fruit in it.”

-Lately, Lilia likes “reading” certain things out loud. She says, “I can’t read books, yet; but, I can read instructions and lids.” The other day, we were playing with a magnetic building toy, and she read the lid in a very authoritative tone (mind you, the lid had like three words on it): “Kids should play this game with mommies and daddies. Everybody should play this game together.” When we were done playing, Josh and I announced that it was time to clean up. Lilia resisted, so I picked up the lid and read (as she had pretended to do): “Kids need to help pick up this game when they are done playing with it.” Then, she snatched the lid from me and went into a very long reading: “Parents must help kids pick up this game, or they will have to go to time out. They will stay in time out until night time, and the kids will be all by themselves. Then, the parents will have to go to jail, and the kids will miss the parents…(and so on and so on).” She did eventually help clean up. 🙂

Lilia is the queen of saying hilarious things lately. I forget so many of them before I have a chance to write them down, but at least I remembered a few!


2 thoughts on “Lilia Quotes and Memories

  1. These are so funny! I can’t picture her saying them in my head, but I so wish I could see her in person.

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