All Around Update

Th next month is full of life for our family! We are excited and busy as we prepare, our tummies full of butterflies as we think of all that is to come…

  • In less than a week, our oldest, Jedidiah, will turn six. He will have a PIRATE birthday party at the end of the month. He has been planning the details for weeks and weeks now.
  • We are headed on an epic adventure to the mountains of New Mexico. The four (and a half) of us will be taking the Amtrak all the way to Santa Fe, and then staying about a week in the Taos area. This is our vacation, and it is a chance to explore the possibility of starting an intentional Christian community in Northern New Mexico. We will be visiting a family that we met for a few hours in Taos back in January (you can read that story here). We are expecting lots of great time outdoors, as well as a continuing conversation about what a future for our family in Taos might look like. A move is still at least a year away for us, but it feels like a huge deal to be considering this at all. We’d appreciate your prayers.

  • The day after we get back, I will be taking my longest and most intense Thai Bodywork class so far. This and one more class, plus some practice massages and final exam massages on instructors are all that are standing between me and then end of this amazing program. I am learning a great deal and still enjoying gifting friends and family with these healing massages. You can read more of the story here.
  • Finally, in about one month, our Jedidiah will begin the bigKINDERGARTEN!! We cannot believe how much he has grown and changed and become even more himself this year! We are still waiting to make a final decision on his schooling for next year. The trip to New Mexico and a few other factors will weigh heavy on our discernment process in the coming weeks. He is fully enrolled to go the local public school, but depending upon the factors just mentioned we may homeschool for this year. Again, prayer are appreciated!

It’s a big month for our family. We are growing and changing, almost visibly, as we explore new worlds, become older, gain new friends, acquire new skills, and grow a little baby brother. We are hanging on for dear life and trusting our Father in heaven who is always faithful.


2 thoughts on “All Around Update

  1. Wow! This is a big month. When do you guys head to New Mexico? I am wondering when the best time would be to skype Jedi for his birthday?

    • We leave at noon tomorrow. We’ll turn on Skype in the morning, just in case. If we don’t catch you, we’ll skype when we get back in 10 days. Love you, sis.

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