To New Mexico & Back Again

Chicago to New Mexico is quite a journey. We took the Amtrak – an adventure in itself! – got to know new friends, experienced the beauty of the Taos area, and considered what our future might hold. We are still processing all that we experienced and considering all that we hope for and seeking the Lord and wise counsel from friends and family. We have come to no conclusions, yet we are thankful for the chance we had to explore this possibility. Here are a few pictures…



Jedidiah and Daddy in the Observation Car

Lama, NM – 8800 ft. elevation


Celebrating Jedidiah’s 6th Birthday

Rain in the Evenings, and sometimes rainbows!

A Meeting about Future Community

Our House for the Week

Jedi with Lenny the dog

Rio Grande Gorge

Playing in the Rio Grande

Todd, Peg, & Nico

Jedidiah learned lots of tricks on the trampoline!

Fun with Legos all week, too! (Building pirate ships, of course!)

Goodbye in front of the yurt














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