And, That’s It…

Just like that, our boy is a school kid.

From being at home all the time to being off in a new world 6.5 hours a day, 5 days a week…

From quiet days with mommy and sister and community friends to days full of activities and new people…

From parents agonizing and praying over a decision, to a decision behind us & peace more than we ever expected…

From our “little guy” to our “big kid”…

From our baby to our six-year-old…

How could it all go by so quickly? And yet, we find ourselves here…

on the first day of school…

Giving big brother a hug

Waiting in line with his class

Getting to work right away – coloring in his name for his “workspace”

I have to admit that I did cry quite a bit last night, remembering all the wonderful moments of the past six years and considering how drastically our daily lives were about to change. But, this morning, I held things together pretty well. God was gracious in hearing my cries: I prayed that Jedidiah would feel happy and excited about school and that he would still play well with his best buddy (his little sister) even after transitioning to this being a big kid.

God encouraged my mother’s heart today in more ways than I could have hoped. Jedidiah was not one ounce nervous or hesitant about going to school – from the moment that we announced our plan until the moment he went to sleep tonight. You see, until about two weeks ago, Josh and I had planned on homeschooling Jedidiah for this year (you can see some of our process here and here). Then, on the train ride home from New Mexico, we learned that Jedidiah had been accepted to a great magnet school in town (one of our favorite schools that we had visited). We waited a few days to make the decision (which we were only given one week to make). After seeing benefits to both options, we decided to ask Jedidiah what he would prefer. We told him clearly that mom and dad would make the decision, but we wanted to hear from him first. He was quick to respond and unwavering in his answer: he wanted to go to the fine arts magnet school! This came as a surprise to me, since he had been asking me questions with excitement all summer about homeschooling.

Our often nervous and unsure boy has remained clear that going off to school is exactly what he wants to do. There has never been a more clear sign to me that he is ready for this new adventure. He came home quite thrilled today about the amazing time he had a school. Just as soon as we arrived home, he got to see several neighbors and share his excitement with each of them. Of course, he needed a little alone time once we’d had a snack and talked about his day. But, it wasn’t long before he and his sister were hugging and wrestling and playing pretend for most of the evening – another confirmation of God’s goodness to our family.

There were so many great quotes from Jedidiah on the way home and during our snack time today. There are actually more than I’ll be able to remember, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • “My teacher said our class was SO good that we could probably be SECOND GRADERS!!”
  • “Some kids talked during the story time, but I didn’t even make a word!”
  • “My favorite people at school were my friend from karate and the girl in the wheelchair.” Note: Jedidiah is in a full-inclusion class that includes 5 children with disabilities. Also, we are working on learning people’s names…
  • “Pretty much every kid in the world goes to my school. There are so many kids and so many names, I can’t remember them all, mom.” (He has 20 kids in his class.)
  • After talking about how how he left his lunch box at school… “There are SO many new things to learn at school. You don’t even know, mom. And, as you get older there are even MORE things to learn.”
  • “Mom, there were so many rules at school, and that was great; but, now that I’m home, I just need to stop following rules for a little while.” He then took off his school clothes and ran around in his underwear for awhile.
  • Me (as we were trying to meet one little boy clinging to his momma): “Carlos looks a little nervous.” Jedidiah: “I’m not nervous at all – I’m just excited!”
  • Josh: “Was there anything you didn’t like about school?” Jedidiah: “No. Every part of school was GREAT!”

Thanks for your prayers and support! It was a fantastic first day, with hope of a wonderful school year ahead!


2 thoughts on “And, That’s It…

  1. This brought tears of joy to my eyes! I have been praying for him–trusting that he will flourish in this environment and for your heart to be at ease. Thanks for posting the Jedi quotes which portray how much he really did love his first day at school!

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