Jason Comes to Chicago!


We’ve had the wonderful privilege of having Josh’s brother Jason with us for the past week. This is the first time that I remember us getting this type of one-on-one time with Jason. We usually only get the chance to hang out at larger family gatherings – mostly busy holiday times. It was truly a treat to have ample time to talk together, cook together, explore together, and laugh together. Jason is an upbeat and observant person. He finds the positive in just about every situation. He also notices people and the world around him in extraordinary ways. We had a fun time hearing his observations and commentary about the community where we live.

I was especially impressed with Jason’s skills of engaging all sorts of people. He is an awesome uncle – very much deserving of the giant hugs he frequently received from Jedidiah. He also connected well with the many different people of Reba Place (the Christian community we live in) – from toddlers and moms in our backyard to edgy 20-somethings to aging long-time community dwellers – Jason seemed to fit right in and be able to strike up a conversation.

Jason is also a great house-guest because he is independent and takes on his own adventures. He had a whole list of places he wanted to visit while in Chicago, and he was independent enough to take up these adventures on his own. And, when he arrived back at our place, he was also eager to help with dishes, dinner, childcare – whatever this busy momma needed! We really loved having him here, and we hope that someday he’ll come again. Thanks for coming all this way to spend time with us, Uncle Jason! We love you and miss you already!!


Fuzzy, but too funny not to share…



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