Seven Months

In just two short months, there’s gonna be a new little person in our house! And, really, I think that it seems like just the perfect amount of time. Oh, some moments it feels like I just want this baby to come so that I can be done with being pregnant and other moments a bit of panic spreads through my body as I think about how soon our lives are going to change again. But, really, two months from now is just right…enough time but not too much time.

We do still have a lot to do to prepare. The past few months have been busy and there have been some big changes for our family, so I’ve thought very little about preparing for this little one’s arrival. Also, it’s been a very sentimental few months as I watch changes happening right before my eyes. Much of the time, I have felt like my life is one of those sappy movie montages of children growing up. And, honestly, I have felt quite stuck there – teary-eyed, heart aching, not sure I can handle these babies growing up anymore. This afternoon, I had the rare quiet moment to journal and pray about the coming of this baby boy. I realized how much I have to do in the next few months, and I think this helped me to snap out of my sentimental stupor.

So, the next month and a half or so will, hopefully, be a productive time of rearranging, making a space in our apartment for a baby and his little things, finishing his special quilt, making Christmas gifts (as there will be little time for that later), and completing my Thai massage school requirements. That’s plenty to do to keep me busy and focused…not to mention, that I am looking forward to lots of precious one-on-one time with miss Lilia. Luckily, the third trimester is usually my favorite part of pregnancy. And, I have an amazing husband who has already been working on some wonderful little projects. I feel hopeful that it’s going to be a great 9 weeks and a wonderful welcome for this sweet little newborn.

One more…

And the silly pose, of course…


2 thoughts on “Seven Months

    • Thanks, Mallary. I definitely don’t feel “thin” these days. Maybe I just look proportionately thin. I admit that I sometimes covet the flat bellies and thin thighs of my friends, but I also really want to enjoy these special & rare days of growing a little person and feeling all the precious little movements.

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