Kid Quotes

Me: “Lilia, which class sounds more interesting to you…learning about a different place in the world each week or learning ABC’s and numbers?”
Lilia: “That one about the world sounds bo-ring. But, I like learning about ABC’s and numbers!”
(I’m sure her brother would have responded exactly the opposite at this age.)


Jedidiah (still upset about not being able to have nuts at school & bringing up a new reason every day): “Nuts are easy for me to digest. That’s why I like to have nuts at school.”


Lilia (with a small owie on her palm): “I’m just gonna cover my owie with my other hand like a lid.” She rode like this, very concerned I might add, all the way home from the grocery store.

Also, I asked Jedidiah to have a look at her owie, and his assessment was, “It looks like a small river running into a little lake. It’s cute!”


Jedidiah: “I have a new job at school! I’m the shoe-tyer. If anyone needs their shoes tied, I help them tie their shoes. And I JUST learned how to tie my shoes. Isn’t that ridiculous?!!”


Me (thinking out loud, while working on a sewing project): “I think I just have a knack for messing these things up.”

Lilia: “I have a neck for fixing things!”

Me: “Great! You can help me out, then!”

Lilia: “Will a paper-neck work?”

Me: “Sure!”

Lilia proceeded to bring a small piece of paper over and wave it magically over my project. Soon, I had figured out my problem and worked out the little mess I had made. I was able to assure Lilia that her “paper-neck” was a big help!


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