Lilia the Big Girl

Lilia seems quite grown-up these days. Her brother taking off to Kindergarten has empowered her to try a few new ventures of her own. On Tuesday afternoons, she is taking “Fairy Ballet.” She enjoys getting dressed up in ballet clothes every week and learning all kinds of dance moves. Here she is on her first day of class:

You can see that she is sneaking a peak of herself in the mirror as I take her picture.

The second big girl activity that Lilia gets to do is preschool!! She is doing two mornings of preschool at a local community center. She has the same teacher that Jedidiah had when he attended there last year. To say that Lilia loves it is an understatement. Here is some evidence of that…

During dinner the night before her first class, Josh and I mentioned that she would go to preschool the next day. She promptly got up from the table and laid out this striking ensemble of clothes (complete with tights and headband) to wear the next day:

It’s a good thing I’m not too controlling about what my kids wear. This outfit totally cracks me up, but I am thankful for my little girl who is confident enough to lay out her own clothes, get dressed herself, and even pack her own bag.

Lilia’s good buddy Seth (who lives in the unit next door to us) is taking the class with her. Here are a few pictures of the two friends on their first day.

Here are a couple of quotes from the first week:

Me: “How do you like your teacher, Lilia?”

Lilia: “She’s PERFECT! And, she talks in a really nice way.”


Me: “I’m glad you guys liked school today, because you get to go back tomorrow!”

Lilia & Seth (in the backseat of the car): “YAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!”


Lilia (after being dropped off at home by our neighbors on the second day): “That was Fun -O!”


Preschool is so un-intimidating compared to kindergarten, I’ve gotta say: there are only a few kids, the teacher tells me everything that happened that day, there’s no intricate rewards system or long list of rules. It’s refreshing and light-hearted compared to the stresses of public school. All I could feel was joy that Lilia gets to have such a fun weekly experience and that I get a little time for myself.

But, even more, I am enjoying lots of great one-on-one time with this fun little girl. We have been making the most of our time together…playing games, taking walks, doing household chores together, and working on art projects. I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Lilia the artist! (Note: Those giant clip-on earrings are quite special – they belonged to Lilia’s Great-Grandma McCallister. She LOVES to wear them, despite the fact that they hurt her ears. Also, she always moves her headband into this hilarious position – I’m constantly trying to sneak it back up. Oh well…she’s a cutie either way.)


3 thoughts on “Lilia the Big Girl

  1. We all love Lilia’s fun style and we enjoyed reading the blog and loved all the pictures. Savanah, Memaw, and Lou Ann all read and looked at the blog together.

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