Missing Photos

We are missing Josh this week, as he is away helping to lead a gathering of people from different Christian communities. I am blessed and inspired by his vision for connection, his enthusiasm for new opportunities, and his insights about Christian community. I hope that he has a wonderful, peaceful, spiritual week of connecting with fellow-community dwellers. I am enjoying my quiet evenings and missing my best friend, both in equal amounts.

Speaking of Josh, here are a few moments of our lives that he captured with the camera on his phone. I thought you might enjoy seeing them…

Eating at Michael’s Kitchen in New Mexico

Updated “Here by the Water” Photo…stay-tuned for one with three children, soon!

A few pictures from the recent wedding of my Jazzercise instructor:

First, here is my hair (which got many comments, so Josh decided it would be good to take a picture)….

The happy couple dancing together…

With my awesome Jazzercise instructor, Lauren…

My seven-months-pregnant self doing Jazzercise moves as Lauren led us in one of our routines…

Uncle Jason takes Jedidiah to the Museum of Science and Industry…

Friday Night Small Group – Potluck meal

Talking with my midwife Sarah at a recent appointment…

And, Lilia in her sparkle shoes from Nana Lou Anna…

I enjoy remembering these snapshots from our lives. I am thankful tonight for the multitude of smiles and laughs and contented moments that we experience.


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