Lilia Mercy: Three and a Half

On October the 6th, our little Lilia Mercy turned three and a half. It’s hard to believe that this child, who we still consider our baby, is getting so grown-up. I think she has grown up a great deal even in the last 6 months. She is chatty, administrative, full of great ideas, a ball of spunk and pizzaz, a happy helper, and just a fun little gal to have around. Here are a few observations about our Lilzy Pillzy:
  • Lilia is strikingly independent and administrative. She knows clearly what she wants and speaks up for herself. She can give you good reasons for her decisions. For the most part, she is not whiny. Instead, she is assertive and clear-thinking. She is great at getting a group of kids to buy into her ideas. Josh calls her “the queen of the backyard.” When all the the little kiddos are playing in the backyard, Lilia organizes things & gives people roles to play. She can be difficult to discipline, because she does not get her feelings hurt or “lose her head” easily. She often responds to an order to stop doing something with a calm explanation of why she made the choice she did.
  • Which brings me to my next point. Lilia is smart. I have no predictions about how this child will do in school. In fact, when I say she’s smart, I don’t mean she’s good at reading or fact-learning or something school-y. I think the word savvy might be a better one. She is socially smart and picks up on everything in a snap. Things that would take lots of explanation and practice for me to teach her, she picks up seemingly in an instant. She’s good at all sorts of household chores – folding laundry, putting things away properly, cooking, washing dishes. She just innately does a good job with these sorts of things. I have a feeling I’ll be learning from her before long. Also, she lays out her clothes at night before school days (her idea). She chooses her own clothes, and she’s really pretty great at matching. All of her outfits are full of spunk, though! With this particular outfit, she said “I saw Olivia (a 9-year old girl we know) wear long-sleeves under her short-sleeved shirt. Could I do that, too?” The second picture is her laying on top of her clothes to show us that it all works & looks pretty!
  • Lilia is thoughtful. Here are two examples. At night, I sometimes come in her room to sit and read a book to myself if she’s feeling scared. I often lay on my side on the floor to read. Without me ever saying anything, she tosses me her extra pillow every time, so that I’ll be comfortable. Another example: We often lie down and take a rest together in the afternoons (Lil still usually takes a 1-2 hour nap). When it’s time for rest time, she finds the book I’m currently reading and then chooses one for herself. She tells me, “I’ve got our books, mom. Let’s go take a rest!” She also runs and gets things that her brother asks for – shoes, his coat, a cup of water.
  • Lilia continues to be excellent at fine motor skills. She now loves to color (and does so very well, I might add). She has also started drawing some simple pictures. Recently, she has become interested in writing her letters. Here is an example of her writing her name:
  • Lilia looks up to her brother like none other. She loves to see him when he gets home. Her usual administrative personality is often more like submissive as she agrees to join in with whatever brother is playing or working on. I really hope and pray that their relationship continues to be strong over the years.
  • Finally, here is a picture of Lilia with her half-cake for her half-birthday. She wanted a strawberry shortcake. She is such a joy to Josh and me. We are thankful every day for her presence in our family!


4 thoughts on “Lilia Mercy: Three and a Half

    • Aww – she would love hanging out with her Aunt Mal. I think you two are a lot alike. When she’s a teenager & she realizes how different our personalities are, I’ll send her to stay with you for awhile!

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