Eight Months


Only about one month left before our family welcomes another baby boy into our lives! I’m honestly not ready, yet. This next month will be about two things: (1) emotionally and spiritually centering and (2) preparing our “nest” for the little one’s arrival. My neurotic-nesting-end-of-pregnancy brain compels me to make a list of what we’ve accomplished and what remains to be done:

  • We have rearranged our apartment (including shifting one dresser around & adding a new one) to make room for little baby items like diapers and clothes. Here is a picture of a dresser that Josh found in the alley & refurbished. It’s now in our front hall/entryway. I love it!
  • We have set up a diaper-changing station, complete with diapers, covers, wipes, etc.
  • We have sorted through the hand-me-downs and have a drawer full of darling little clothes folded and waiting.
  • I am working diligently on a Fall quilt for our sweet baby boy. I’ll post pictures soon! I’m really hoping that I can finish it in time.
  • We are still doing deep cleaning and getting rid of superfluous items in our apartment. Every little bit helps to satisfy my need for everything to be orderly and in place before the baby comes.
  • We have yet to move the bassinet and bouncy seat up to the apartment. I’m waiting until everything feels just right….no need to have extra items around much before they are needed.
  • I am a little crazed about painting some walls. I need this to happen (okay, this might be the pregnancy hormones talking here). Three years of grubby little fingers wiping against certain walls has left some uncleanable grime. Unfortunately, I am pregnant and avoiding paint fumes. Otherwise, I would have snatched up an opportunity to paint already. I’m hoping we can find some way to work this little project into our schedules in the next couple of weeks!
  • We have a few other little decorating finishing touches to complete. It’s all pretty simple. We live in a small place, so there will be no separate or elaborate nursery. We just want everything to feel clean, cozy, and pleasing when we welcome this babe.

I’m also very much looking forward to a Mother Blessing my close friends are giving me next weekend. Oh! And I have hopes of making and painting belly cast! It’ll be a fun way to remember this phase of my life. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can await details in a future post. So, it seems like I’ll probably have some fun posts coming up in the next month!

We are planning our third home-birth, and I’m feeling peace (most of the time) about the full-body experience that is labor. I got the great opportunity to watch two movie premiers a week ago. I was especially inspired by this one: Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives. In many ways, I feel like my ability to trust my body, to trust God in the physical trials of life, and to embrace pain and struggle have increased greatly over the past few years. Still, prayers are always appreciated for a safe, strong, beautiful birth & for a healthy baby.

At this point in the pregnancy, I feel great most days. Oddly enough, I love this part…the miraculous feeling of a growing baby moving around, the laugh-out-loud giant belly, the coming together of preparations, the anticipation of a new little person. The third trimester is my favorite part. And, as this may well be my last time to experience it all, I really want to enjoy it – laughing in the face of the annoyances and relishing the sweet miracle of it all.

And, as always, I leave you with a silly pose…




5 thoughts on “Eight Months

  1. You amaze me. Thanks for setting such a Christ-like example. I always have and continue to admire you so much. Praying for the sweet baby boy coming soon! Just hope we can meet him at Christmas time or something!

    • Thanks, Savanah! I hope we can find a way to get together before too long. You have lots of new babies coming into your family in the next year – all your “sisters” are pregnant, it seems. I’m sure you’ll be busy trying to find a way to visit them all. But, let’s be in touch. I’ll bet we can figure something out.

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