Kid Quotes & Stories

Jedidiah (upon coming home from school): “I’m so excited! Today was Josephine’s birthday, and she brought DOUGHNUTS for everyone!! Isn’t that so exciting!! I didn’t eat one because of the food dye, but isn’t that so nice that she brought one for everyone!” and, a few minutes later…”Today was an exciting day at school, because now I’m ‘Clean-Up Captain #2!’ Me: “That’s great! What does Clean-Up Captain #2 get to do?” Jedidiah (thinking): “Hmm…I don’t know…I think I forgot to do it.”

Lilia has a new thing: she likes cutting “pants” out of paper. At Sunday school this week, they learned the story of Samuel & Eli. Lilia cut out a big pair of pants for Samuel and a small pair of pants for Eli. I have no idea where she gets these ideas!

For some time now, Lilia has been asking me to buy one of those honey containers shaped like a bear. Yesterday, we were grocery shopping and needed honey, so I bought her the much-desired “honey bear.” She was beyond thrilled. She hugged the bear and talked to it the rest of the time we were in the store. When we got home, she asked to be the one to put it in the cabinet. She pulled up a chair and put it in the right cabinet. Then, she noticed that the cinnamon was on a shelf higher than the honey. She asked me, “Mama, the honey bear is lonely without the cinnamon. Could you move the cinnamon down to be next to the honey bear?” I did it and laughed to myself. Lilia was satisfied. Honey bear joined us for breakfast this morning, and Lilia made sure each of us “closed his helmet” when we were done putting honey on our pancakes. And, just now, she asked to watch a home video while she holds her “little favorite honey bear.” She told me it’s her pet animal. She’s oddly attached. Hmm…



3 thoughts on “Kid Quotes & Stories

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I really wish companies would just stop using synthetic food dyes. It’s so frustrating, but I’m thankful for these self-controlled kiddos who stay away from it.

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