Michaelmas Celebration (a little late)

We’ve had the fun experience of celebrating Michaelmas with friends for the past few years. Michaelmas is a holiday that happens at the shift of the seasons from summer to Fall. It commemorates the archangel Michael defeating Lucifer. It is a chance to face into the coming Fall and Autumn and to metaphorically take up strength for the harsh seasons to come. It seems like a fitting theme in a place like Chicago, where we will soon be facing in to five or six months of winter. We celebrate by making bread together (called the “harvest loaf”), then the kids do a re-enactment of fighting a dragon as a symbol of fighting off our worries and challenges heading into winter. Jedidiah was excited about the possibility of dressing up as a knight to fight the dragon. He worked all morning on his costume. Here was one version he came up with:


Some family friends hosted the event this year. The dad dressed up as the dragon and surprised the children by jumping out of a window! Here the kids are waiting and watching for the dragon to come.



Here he comes!



Each child had a chance to individually fight the dragon. Jedidiah was really into it. Lilia decided to watch instead of participate.



Here is Jedidiah the Victorious!


It was a great time! Incidentally, a week or so later, Jedidiah said, “My teacher says that I’m so smart that I don’t even need a teacher. She said I tell her about so many things she never knew about. I mean, she didn’t even know about Michaelmas, mom.” I had to admit that I didn’t know about it until recently. It has been a fun new experience to learn about these seasonal holidays from other traditions. And, I may have some metaphorical dragons to fight myself as the weather gets colder and a new baby makes it harder to get out of the house. I’m praying for strength and joy through the long winter to come!


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