Pumpkin Patch: The Next Generation

Jedidiah’s class had their first field trip last week. I decided to be a parent volunteer, especially since that will become harder for me to do over the next couple of months. Also, I was excited about a trip to the Pumpkin Patch. I really enjoy all the Fall festivities. Only, pumpkin patches seem to be changing over the years…

Everything started out fairly normally. Here is Jedidiah in his super-cool pirate raincoat from Gramma. The weather was cold, damp, and windy – not so great.

We watched a short video in a barn – it showed the farm a few years ago and featured planting seeds, feeding animals, and harvesting pumpkins and other squash. Then, we walked around to see some of the sights & the animals…

Then, things began to get a little weird…

We got to feed a giraffe. It was very cool, I must say….but not very pumpkin patch-y!

We also saw quite an array of other exotic animals, including tigers, coatamundi, black bears, kangaroos, and camels. Here’s a picture of Jedidiah and his friend Jude in front of some camels.

Then, we watched a giant, robotic, pumpkin-eating dinosaur.

We did go on a short and very miserable hayride in the cold wind. I didn’t take any pictures – Jedidiah and I were just barely making it through that one without tears. Then, Jedidiah quickly chose a pumpkin and we ran inside a tent-like structure to eat our sack lunches. Our moods improved quickly after getting out of the wind.

Here’s one picture with some of Jedi’s friends from school.

I didn’t get to ride on the bus with Jedidiah, but I had a nice talk with another mom as we rode home together. Jedidiah told me he fell asleep on his friend Jude on the ride home.

Honestly, it was mostly exhausting. And, I feel sad that places like this feel like they need to bring in exotic animals, carnival rides, and robotic dinosaurs in order to get kids to come. Something simple would have been even better.

The best part of the experience was getting to carve the pumpkin with Jedidiah the next day. He was so proud of our work!


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