Wrapping Things Up

We are quite busy these last few weeks as a family of 4. We have lots of household projects to complete, various meetings and appointments to fit in, and quite a few fun Fall events to enjoy…not to mention all the regular busy-ness of life with young children. Here’s some of what we are up to…

  • I have been finishing up my hours and classes for the Thai Bodywork program (click here for more information). I have basically completed all of my courses and all of my independent practice hours, but I will still need to do an apprenticeship and final testing after the baby arrives. At this point, I am taking a break for a few months. Here is a picture of me with one of my classes:

  • One benefit of my Thai Bodywork training is that I’ve been doing quite a few massage trades with other therapists. That means that I’m getting some great prenatal massages here in the last weeks of my pregnancy.
  • Josh has been planning all sorts of Shalom Mission Communities events. He is now the coordinator for our network of sister communities, which includes Church of the Sojourners in San Francisco, Plow Creek in rural Illinois, Hope Fellowship in Waco, Valle Nuevo in El Salvador, and Third Way in Minneapolis. He has been busy with all sorts of exciting plans and get-togethers coming up in the next year.
  • I have been enjoying continued involvement with the moms group and cooperative play school that I’ve been a part of for several years, now. I am thankful for so much great support and inspiration from this amazing group of moms.
  • Josh is continuing to do art in his free time. Of course, he longs for more time in his studio, but the paintings he has had time to do are fantastic! He is hoping to enter one in a competition before little bit arrives.
  • We got to go see the Story Pirates again this year. This was Jedidiah’s third year to watch this fun show – improv actors doing skits of stories written by children. It was Lilia’s first time to attend. It was such a fun show!

  • I had a beautiful Mother Blessing on Sunday evening. I’m excited to share some pictures and stories. I feel deeply grateful for the community of love that surrounds us here and rejoices with us as our family grows.
  • After posting about my to-do list for the last month before baby, I was approached by a Reba friend who reads this blog. She offered to pull together a team of folks to paint some of our walls! They will be painting all day on Halloween. What an amazing gift to our family!!
  • We are trying to do all our “last chance” wishes before the baby is born. Tonight, Josh is going to a movie with a friend. We are planning a few nice date nights. Our neighbors have also offered to take our kids for 24 hours so that we can have a day and night away. I’m fitting in lots of “coffee dates” with friends and a few last Jazzercise classes.
  • Halloween and Fall festivities in the next week have the kids quite excited. I’ll definitely post pictures of the costumes they come up with.
  • Today we had a great meeting with all of our birth support. Everyone came to our home to talk about the upcoming birth. In addition to our little family, we had our amazing midwife Sarah, two midwife assistants, and our dear friend and doula Anna. I’m excited about this group and about having each of these people support us as we welcome our baby boy into the world.
  • Finally, I’ll leave you with a few pictures of a fun role Josh had recently. He got to be a judge for a Reba pie contest! For those of you who know him, you’ll know that this was right up his alley!


We have nothing planned after the baby arrives – besides a few exciting visits from family. Our calendar is practically blank after about the 10th of November. We are busy bees until then, but then everything goes black as we wait for the baby and then adjust to life as a family of FIVE! Thanks for encouragement and prayers during this time of transition.


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