Taking it All In

Sweet cuddles from a sleepy three-year-old

Leaves in striking colors every time I go outside

Children’s imperfect Halloween decorations, made with so much joy

Kids playing trains together on my living room carpet

A mantle full of candles from friends supporting our family

Sounds of kids imagining all sorts of adventures with their toys

The smell of homemade pumpkin pie

Creative costumes put together with small hands and lots of enthusiasm

Sabbath goodness shared with family and friends

Hilarious after-dinner “shows” performed for our guests

Tiny painted fingernails and hands decorated with temporary tattoos

Quiet Sunday mornings after a decent night of sleep

Kindergarten stories and songs to fill my ears

Stretches and wiggles from the little one within

A heavy, tired body, but a light and thankful heart

Life is about to change once again, and I just want to take it all in.


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