Halloween: The Main Event



Emotions ran high for Jedidiah on Halloween evening. He had designed his own black cat costume – modeled after one he saw in a book. (Jedidiah is a “classic” in many ways – one way is that he prefers traditional Halloween costumes over unique, non-traditional ones.) He did finally seem pleased with his creation (after quite a bit of crying and worrying).

Friends from the neighborhood gathered in our backyard to see each other’s costumes and take some pictures…

Lilia and her buddy Seth, the pirate!

Then, we did some trick-or-treating in our overly festive neighborhood. I’m sure I’ve shared in past years that the block next to ours gets REALLY into Halloween – decorations, smoke machines, scary music – the whole shabang. There was even a moving hand over one of the candy bowls! Luckily, Jedidiah and Lilia seemed to take it all in stride this year.

Enjoying a little candy, afterward (we traded Jedidiah’s candy for natural candies to avoid the food-dye issues)…

After that, they did a second round of trick-or-treating with Josh while I went to the Halloween Jazzercise class. That will be my last time to do Jazzercise for a couple of months. I’m 38 weeks along today!



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