Pre-Halloween Fun


Jedidiah and Lilia had several Halloween events and opportunities to dress up in the week preceding Halloween. They chose some different costumes along the way, so you’ll see several different costumes in these pictures. Jedidiah has recently discovered that he really enjoys creating costumes from household items. And, he’s actually really good at it! You’ll see a couple of his ideas come out in this post and the next.

The first event we attended was a Halloween maze and concert for ages 2-7 at a nearby community center. Jedidiah wore a pumpkin costume made by our midwife, and Lilia was a queen.

The second event was a Reba potluck night. Lilia settled on Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (which she stuck with through Halloween night). She came up with the idea of painting some of her old, black shoes with red paint and glitter glue. It worked great! Jedidiah created a Robin Hood costume, using an oatmeal container, a bow & arrows set made by a friend, and a folded paper hat with a feather.

Next, we had went to the Farmers Market Halloween festival. It was quite cold. Lilia was freezing in her Dorothy costume, but Jedidiah did pretty well back in his pumpkin costume. He was the favorite at the Farmers Market – maybe because he dressed as a vegetable!


Stay-tuned for Halloween: The Main Event!



3 thoughts on “Pre-Halloween Fun

  1. The red glitter shoes looked great on Lilia oh I mean Dorthy. Jedi is very creative and I liked all of his many costumes. How fun!

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