An Autumn Mother Blessing

Prayer Flags made by the women of my community

Prayer Flags made by the women of my community

About two weeks ago, my dear friends gathered around me to bless me in such a special way. Women of many walks of life joined together in a cozy home filled with the smell of spiced apple cider, the sight of beautiful Fall leaves, and the warmth of deep friendship. They had prepared a nourishing meal for us to share – an autumn soup with greens, savory butternut squash, herbed baked chicken, a fresh salad, and a homemade apple crisp. We shared stories as we feasted on the delicious food.

Then they showered me with gifts for myself (as opposed to baby items, of which we need very few). There were oils and candles and gift cards and babysitting coupons and even a gift card for a fancy haircut! As I opened the heartfelt cards and personalized gifts, the women around me made beautiful cloth prayer flags. They filled the flags with symbols and words of encouragement and peace. One of the women later sewed the flags together, and they are hanging in our living room now – a reminder of the love, support, and prayers that are surrounding us through labor, delivery, and the early weeks of infancy.

Then, I shared our family’s prayer needs with the group: requests for strength during labor, wisdom about arrangements during labor, patience with one another during what may be stressful days to come, positive transition and bonding experiences for the children. My family arrived at about that time, Jedidiah and Lilia already suited up in their “footy pajamas.” The group gathered around us and prayed for each of our requests, lifting up our lives and the events to come to Jesus.

It was a blessed time. I will cherish it in my heart in the days and weeks to come. I feel snugly wrapped in love, knowing that we are not alone as we journey forward into the unknown. Even now, these women are gathering others to support us in bringing meals, taking children to school, grocery shopping, and cleaning. I am so grateful for the support of community at a time like this. I just want to breathe it in, knowing that these physical arms and hands and feet are really the arms and hands and feet of God pouring His love over us. And, I am oh so thankful.

Here are a few photos from the gathering:

In the background of the last picture, you can see a sneak peak of the quilt I am making for baby boy.

NOTE: We decided not to have a baby shower for this baby, as we do not need very many items. However, we are honored by all those who want to send gifts to welcome our baby boy. If you would like to give a gift, there is a link on the right side of this page called “Baby Boy Wish List” that will give you some direction about our needs and wants.


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