Quilting Away!

My one big project and gift to welcome this baby boy into our family is a quilt. I made one for Lilia before she was born, and I found it to be a great way to choose to be calm in the waiting and to pray and prepare emotionally and spiritually for the arrival of a new life. Inadvertently, I made a quilt for Lilia with spring flowers on it. At the time, it seemed like a simple and pretty first quilt to attempt. In contemplating my past pregnancies and the birth dates of my children, I realized that Jedidiah was born in the summer, Lilia was born in the spring, and this baby will be born in the fall. (Here in Chicago, this is definitely late fall. Lilia and I keep saying that this baby will be the “last little leaf to fall off the tree.”)

Fall has become a meditation focus and a defining part of this pregnancy for me. More than ever, I have enjoyed the brilliance of the fall colors. I have been more aware of the different types of leaves and which leaves stay on the trees longer. I have carried many, many perfect leaves into our home to set out and remind me of the beauty around me and the little one coming so soon. All this said, I decided to use the fall leaves theme as the design for the baby quilt. I chose leaves native to Illinois and to New Mexico. I also chose leaves/trees that have some meaning to our family. Josh came up with a design that looks like leaves falling or blowing in the wind. Josh and I worked together to come up with the colors and design. We both feel excited about the results!

At this point, I am quilting the “quilt sandwich” together. I think this will take me a couple of more days. Then, I need to put the binding (edging) on. Any thoughts about a good color for the binding? Anyway, I am a busy little bee as I try to complete this before our baby arrives. The due date is just 9 days away. Here are a few pictures of the quilt at this point in the process…

The back (the small pieces are all the same fabrics used for the leaves on the front)…




5 thoughts on “Quilting Away!

  1. Candace, this is beautiful! What a perfect preparation for baby boy. He is blessed indeed and I am so excited to see him all wrapped up in this. I say pick your favorite color leaf and make the binding that color. Or, the small strip of the color combination on the back would make a beautiful binding too. I’m sure whatever you pick will be just right. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Blessings to you in these days.

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