I feel really thankful tonight for the sweet ways that friends have given joyfully to us over the past week. My friend Liz took me out for an all-natural pedicure (no stinky chemicals!). It was incredibly relaxing and fun. My friend Julie came down tonight and helped us dust and mop the entire apartment. Everything is sparkly clean, and it makes me bubble over with excitement. My friend Ruth sent me an amazing, touching card and a gift I’m absolutely giddy about. My friend and mentor Heather has arranged all sorts of post-partum help for our family. AND, a team of people came a week ago and painted the grimy walls in our apartment, making the whole place feel fresh and new. It’s all so much more than I deserve, but it makes me feel so loved and oh so thankful.

Here are a few pictures of the new paint:

Kids room – blue & green!

What was the grimiest wall ever (now, porpoise gray)…

And more porpoise gray in our room…







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