What a Day.

Waking to a full day of plans.

House-cleaning ensues, mixed with a large dose of moody pregnancy hormones.

Doorbell rings, and we receive the keys to a different car – one to better fit our growing family.

An emotional goodbye to our old car – the car we purchased when Jedidiah was days old.

The car we had relinquished to the community when we joined.

More emotions rising up about this whole process than I expect.

Soon, the doula arrives with her sweet 2-year-old daughter.

The phone rings – urgent news from my midwife.

Results of blood tests mean more testing has to be done.

Extremely low platelets…implicating all sorts of things we aren’t sure how to handle.

A trip to the store for supplements that might help (just maybe).

Hugs and thanks to a friend who can stay with Lilia while I shop and then go in for blood work.

Praise for a husband with a flexible job who can come along.

A hospital visit completed in record time.

Waiting for results.

An uncharacteristic fearful breakdown for my baby girl.

Plans for a night away change to plans for a fun evening date.

Another breakdown when leaving the kids for the evening.

Both children clinging, Jedidiah crying as we leave.

Exhausted tears as I try to be ready for a fun date.

Comfort food.

A text from friends: the kids are fast asleep & the results are in from the blood work.

“Platelets are rebounded. You are cleared for a home birth.”


Emotions release at the end of a roller coaster day.


Live music.


And snow.

What a day.


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