Kid Quotes upon the Arrival of a Baby Brother

Jedidiah and Lilia are totally in love with their baby brother. They are always fighting over who gets to hold them, and they love every moment of holding him on their chests or in their laps. It completely melts my heart.

Just about every day, Lilia says, “It’s CRAZY! It’s so crazy that we have a BABY!”


Lilia (to my mom the day she arrived): “My mom says I can carry the baby and walk around with him, so give him to me.” (Josh and I had a long talk with her earlier in the morning about how she could never do this.)


Lilia: Why does the baby like to suck on my thumb?

Jedidiah: Maybe it tastes really good. I remember when I was little, I liked to suck on my fingers because they had these delicious juices that would come out of them.


Lilia: He needs a fire-passer. (This is what she keeps calling the pacifier.)


Lilia: Back when we were thinking about names for the baby (before he was born), I thought, “What about Simeon Thomas?” And then, that was his name!


Jedidiah: I could hold him forever.


The kids have also been trying to determine what developmental level Simeon is on. The first day, they brought him toys and a stuffed animal. Once I walked in to find Simeon’s pajamas unsnapped and a headband placed around his head. Jedidiah is already trying to teach him sign language. He thinks that, if he works with him, he could be as smart as a kindergartener by the end of the year.

I’m really thankful that these kids love their baby brother so much. It’s fun to watch them interact with him and welcome him into the family in their own ways.


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