Counting in Days

Tonight, at 10:30 pm, baby Simeon will be 13 days old. It’s our last day for counting his age in days. Tomorrow he will be two weeks old. I’m savoring every moment with this tiny newborn. These precious days pass all too quickly.

Here are some of the highlights of the first 13 days of Simeon Thomas’s life:

Day 1 – Our little babe arrived with perfect timing! We had a morning together as a family of five. Then, my mom flew into town, and Simeon and his Nana got to meet for the first time.

Days 2, 3, & 4- These were quiet days at home, spending time with Nana and getting to know each other. Simeon also met several neighbors from the building and the neighborhood. On day 3, our midwife Sarah stopped by to check on me and the baby. She also did the heal prick and brought sweet gifts for Jedidiah and Lilia. Also, the weather was really great for November, so the kids had many fun times playing outside at the park with Nana Lou Anna.


Day 5 – Simeon had his first outing. He left the building for the first time in his little life, and he rode in his new carseat. Unfortunately, the outing was a somewhat traumatic visit to the doctor. he checked out as 100% healthy, but he cried a lot as the doctor checked him out. Poor little guy. Luckily, we were able to hold off on any vaccines until our next visit. Oh, and Simeon’s little cord stump fell off that day, too.

Day 6 – Simeon got his first little cold – mostly just a stuffy nose. Lilia also turned up sick with a cold. We have somehow all remained healthy this entire fall, but sickness finally caught us. Really, it wasn’t too bad, though. We just spent the whole day resting at home.

Day 7 – Thanksgiving! The whole family drove up to the Reba Place lake house in Wisconsin. Another family joined us there and cooked the Thanksgiving meal for both families. It was a nice, relaxing day. The kids enjoyed a change of scenery and some time in nature. On the way home, Simeon got a little fussy, and Lilia calmed him by letting him suck on her thumb. The cutest part was that she fell asleep with her thumb in his mouth. Even the woman in the toll booth commented on how precious this scene was.

Day 8 – Simeon had his first bath. I took the bath with him to keep him calm. And, both kids ended up stripping down and jumping in, too. Simeon enjoyed the whole experience, I think. He didn’t cry at all; he just looked around wide-eyed the whole time.

Day 9 – Josh went back to work. We had some extra helpers that day, and everything went quite well. I will say, though, that I am having some anxiety about going it alone with 3 kids. Josh and I have started a new routine of praying in the evenings for strength for me in this.

Day 10 – Simeon’s first time outside by a fire. Josh and the kids built a fire in the backyard. We all sat around bundled up, enjoying some outdoor time together. We even had quite a few neighbors join us.

Day 11 – Simeon got to go to our weekly potluck dinner (a small group of folks who meet together in a Reba house). It was a blessed time, introducing our little guy to these friends. This was also our first “regular day” – Josh back at work, no family in town, Jedidiah back at school. It went okay, I think.

Day 12 – Then, that first “regular day” caught up with me. I was feeling great, and then, quite suddenly, I just felt exhausted. I had to remember that I’ve gotta take things slowly as my body heals and I adjust to life with three kids.

Day 13 – More reinforcements! Josh’s parents arrived, and they will be here for a week! We are so excited that they’re here to join in our joy and to help us adjust to daily life as a family of five.

We praise God for our families and for our community. The support we have received has allowed us to truly enjoy these early days with little Simeon. We have received meals almost every night for dinner. People have come by to help clean the house and to take the kids to the park. Other folks came by in the early days just to serve me or sit with me when the rest of the family was out at the park or on an outing. I am so thankful for all this sweet help. Without it, I can imagine that these first two weeks would have been stressful and overwhelming. Instead, they have been sweet, joyful, and really fun, actually! Josh and I think this has been the best transition we’ve had to adding a baby to our family. And so, we rejoice with thankful hearts.


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