The Faces of Simeon Thomas at Three Weeks Old



Much of our time with new baby Simeon is spent just watching all the expressions he makes. From sleepy smiles, to serious stares, to looks of distress – it’s one of the joys of a new baby to simply hold him and look at him. P1120084 P1120085 P1120099 P1120103 P1120107 P1120123 P1120125 P1120132 P1120134 P1120135 P1120139 P1120140 P1120143


This last one is documentation that Simeon really can do sign language already, as his big brother Jedidiah attests. Jedi has been teaching him the sign language he is learning at school, and he feels certain that baby Simeon is catching on.

Week three was definitely harder than the first two. Simeon got fussier and I ended up with mastitis. We are praising God, though, that the timing worked out well, yet again. Josh’s parents were in town, and they helped us in so many ways – from hanging out with Jedidiah and LIlia, to calming a fussy baby, to grocery shopping and making meals, to driving our kids around to and from school…they were really amazing. We didn’t know how we would possibly get by without them.

Yet, somehow, one day at a time, we are making it. We are behind on sleep and housekeeping, but we are doing okay. Simeon wieghed in at 10 pounds 7 ounces at 3.5 weeks. He has gained over two pounds since birth! We are thankful that he is growing well and getting strong and healthy as we stumble our way through learning to be parents of three.


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