Comic Relief from Lilia


LIfe with a newborn can be exhausting, but Lilia is keeping me laughing out loud these days….

  • Lilia, Simeon, and I were in the car driving to the grocery store. Simeon had been fussy overnight and on and off all morning. Yet, in the car, he was calm and happy as could be. As a baby, Lilia HATED the carseat. She would pretty much scream the entire time she rode in it. I was feeling particularly thankful that Simeon is showing signs of actually liking the carseat. So, I announced this to Lilia, saying, “It’s so great that Simeon likes the carseat so much.” Lilia said, “Yeah, but he doesn’t like home.” This gave me a much-needed laugh after a stressful night and morning. Surprisingly, Simeon also “liked” the bitter cold weather and the grocery store. I guess it really might be home he’s not so fond of. Maybe we’ll be getting out more this winter than I expected!
  • The other night before bed, Lilia was helping me with Simeon. She said, “Look, mom, if I help him with this hand, then I still have the other hand free to pick my nose!”
  • Overheard during an argument about who passed gas: “Well, it wasn’t ME. I can tell if I tooted, because I feel a little tickle.”
  • Me:”Lilia, we need to think of a Christmas treat we could make for your teacher.” Lilia: “We could decorate a banana! Then, it could be a Christmas banana!”

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