One Month

Simeon turned one month old on December 15th. I have to admit that I do not get much done these days as a mother of three, so I’m behind on posting updates. But, as unproductive as this time may be, it is also one of the happiest and sweetest times of my life. Having a newborn again is like living in a favorite dream. I am reminded often of the sweet cuddles with my other two children when they were babies. I love breathing deep from the top of Simeon’s sweet little head and being flooded with the intoxicating baby smell. I squeal with delight when I see the rolls of chub on his darling little legs. I am in mommy heaven when he falls asleep on my chest with his little froggy legs tucked up under him. What a joy it is to get to have a baby again!

A few notes about Simeon at one month old:

  • He is a bit fussier than our other two babies were. He is quite gassy, and I think this is the source of his fussiness. I expect him to grow out of it as his digestive system matures. I’m glad that it is our third child and not our first who is like this. As a seasoned mother, I don’t feel worried or stressed out by his fussiness most of the time. And, I think the fact that hurts some of the time makes him especially affectionate and cuddly the rest of the time. And, you know I love that. 🙂
  • Jedidiah and Lilia are great with baby Simeon. They can even calm him down sometimes when I cannot. Lilia has put him to sleep twice when she was watching over him! She came in and told me, “Mom, Simeon is asleep.” And, I couldn’t believe it!
  • Simeon is also not as good of a sleeper as our other two babies. He wakes up more often and sometimes has trouble settling down after he nurses. He’s getting better though – now, he is sleeping 3-4 hours stretches.
  • We did elimination communication with Lilia, starting when she was about 8 weeks old. (Elimination communication is watching a baby’s signals for needing to poop or pee and then holding them over an appropriate place to eliminate.) Simeon started doing some of his “business” on the potty at about one week old. He actually did really well with poops, but I’ve found pees to be more challenging with boys! I’ve heard that holding them over the bathtub might be more successful.
  • Just a few days after Simeon turned one month old, we had quite a memorable experience. I noticed that he was grunting as though he needed to go poop. I checked his diaper, and he had already gone. Unfortunately, when I opened the diaper, he decided to keep going (babies who do elimination communication often wait until the diaper opens to start going). He got a little poop on the bed, where I was about to change his diaper, so I decided to take him to the potty to finish up (instead of making a bigger mess where we were). He went A LOT on the potty, and I was sure he had to be done. So, I lifted him up, and he sprayed poop across the side of the potty, the floor, and the wall! I then laid him down on a cloth diaper, and he went even more!! At this point, I looked at him and said in a happy voice, “Simeon, did you just poop all over everything??” He looked right at me and gave me a giant smile! It was as if he had played a trick on me and he was proud of himself. This was his first social smile – and what a memorable one it was!

Here is a picture of Simeon Thomas at one month old. With all of our babies, we have taken monthly photos of them with a stuffed animal as a scale object. This way, you can see how much he has grown each month!

Simeon - 1 Month



Simeon - 1 Monthb


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