Responsible Lilia

We have always thought of Lilia as responsible, especially for her age. She likes things to go in the right place. She even repeats the lessons we have taught her with confidence…”I need to take at least a short rest”…”I’ll just want to play if some one else is in the bed with me; I need to sleep in my bed by myself”…”When I’m being bad, I always say sorry.” Not to say that she is a perfectly obedient kid. On the contrary, she can be quite stubborn. Yet, she is responsible in so many ways. Having a newborn in the family has brought out even more responsibility in Lilia. She gets me diapers, wipes, and new clothes when I need them. She entertains baby Simeon. She holds him very carefully. She interprets what she thinks he needs when he cries. When she thinks he needs mommy milk, she even offers to undo the latch on my nursing bra – this is a little over the top for me! Once recently, she told me, “Having babies is really hard, but a girl’s just gotta do it!” Hmmm…I wasn’t sure how to respond to that one!

Here is Lilia giving Simeon his first bottle at 5 weeks old. She did an amazing job, of course. And, I even got a few things done while she fed him!



I will leave you with one hilarious Lilia quote: “Before Simeon was born, I thought we might name him that because I like Simeon on my oatmeal!” It took me a minute, but what she meant was “cinnamon.” We’ve had a lot of fun exchanging the words Simeon and cinnamon since then. We even called our Christmas cinnamon rolls “Simeon rolls!”


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