Super Dad

Josh has been amazing the past 6 weeks: keeping up with laundry & dishes, wrestling and playing with the kids, taking care of me when I haven’t felt my best, delighting in cuddling baby Simeon, entertaining guests, and keeping general order around the house. He has even done a few household projects during this busy time. And, best of all, he has had a cheerful and giving spirit through just about all of it. Thanks, my love!

Josh repainted this etagere & added the pretty paper to the back…



He put this shelf above a door into our closet area for extra storage…

He added an extra rod for hanging clothes and moved the closet storage shelf up higher…



I’m thankful to my creative husband and father-in-law who thought of these ways to add storage to our tiny two-bedroom apartment space.

And, here is a final picture of Josh the super dad enjoying cuddle time with sleeping Simeon. P1120313


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