Thank You!!

Although I hope to write official thank you’s to each one of you, I thought you might enjoy these pictures of our children sporting their fabulous Christmas presents…

Robe from Jason

Awesome robe from Uncle Jason…Jedidiah LOVES this gift.


A Darling little bunting from Memaw!


Lilia received all kinds of very cute clothes from Memaw.


You can’t see it, but Jedidiah is wearing his fantastic new red shirt and blue jeans under the robe.


So many amazing accessories from Gramma – she’s definitely figured out Lilia’s tastes!


And, cool Pirate stuff for the Pirate-loving Jedidiah…


A pretty jewelry box from Uncle Jason that Lilia got to decorate herself!


Pouring over his new pirate books…


Simeon received many dapper outfits from Gramma…this is one of them. (It even has matching pants and wing-tipped shoes)!


And much, MUCH more! Thank you to our amazing families who give such darling and thoughtful gifts!! (We did Christmas gifts early with Nana Lou Anna back in November, so I’ll try to get some pictures of her special gifts, as well.)



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