It’s Flu Season! My Formula for Warding Off Illness…

Over the last few years, we have started being diligent in taking vitamins and giving our children vitamins and food supplements regularly. Josh and I both believe that it’s made a real difference. I was especially intense in my methods in the final weeks of pregnancy and in the first weeks of little Simeon’s life. Praise God, all our efforts seem to be paying off at this point. Though sickness feels as though it’s swirling around us, as neighbors report colds and stomach bugs and the dreaded flu, we have (so far) avoided most of it.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share the list of things that our family does to prevent illness and to fight off a cold at it’s beginning. I’d love to hear what you do, too!

  • Vitamin C. My mom started this habit for me years ago. When there was any hint of illness going around or in our house, my mom made sure we were taking our vitamin C. If we actually  came down with something, she’d have us take it every hour! Josh and I take a capsule (1000 mg) and the kids take a chewable (500 mg). We often use Emergen-C, too. 
  • Probiotics. Capsules for Josh and I and chewables for the kids…during pregnancy I took a much stronger version. I also drink Bragg’s apple cider vinegar mixed with water for the additional probiotic value. And, we try to include probiotic foods in our diet regularly.
  • Fish Oil. The kids take a liquid with a little orange essence. They actually love it and never complain about it. I take a fermented cod liver oil that actually isn’t so bad.
  • Whole Food Supplement. We have taken various brands over the years. This year we’ve been trying Juice Plus. Josh and I have been taking the adult version, and the kids have been taking the chewables.
  • Homemade Chicken Stock. I believe in this old remedy. We make our own stock regularly. You can learn more about that here: Nourished Kitchen.
  • Massage. It’s kinda quirky, but I have seen a big difference from massaging the sub-occipital muscles and the anterior neck muscles (especially the sternocleidomastoid and the scalenes). I really have no theory to back this up; I just think it helps!

These are the main things that we do. Of course, we also have favorite teas and herbal supplements for specific issues, and we try to limit the spread of germs from person to person and stay hydrated. And, we often take vitamin D if we think we are getting sick. But, honestly, I think that these six that I listed might just make most of the difference. Here’s hoping for more health in 2013!


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