Headed to Arkansas

Today, the kids and I will fly to Arkansas to see my family. My brain is full of details to remember and my heart is full of hopes and prayers for our time there. Baby Simeon will get to meet his Pop Pop Tom for the first time, as well as his great grandparents. BOTH of my sisters will be there with their husbands. My middle sister, Mallary, and her husband, Chip, live in China, and we haven’t seen them in a year and a half. They are expecting their first child in May, and I look forward to lots of fun pregnancy and childbirth chats, as well as hearing some Chinese (they are both in language school)! You can read about their adventures HERE.

All three kids are on the edge of sickness. Lilia is the worst. Right now, it’s 4:30 am, and Simeon has been wide-awake for a couple of hours. These things are making me nervous. I am praying for rest and strength to be calm and alert through all that airplane travel will require of us. I am praying for healthy children in this rare week with my family. I am praying that we remembered to pack everything that I will need to have on hand for each of these three little people. Packing for three children may have been my most difficult task so far as a mother of three!

So, with very little sleep, a giant suitcase, runny noses, and a lot of excitement, we embark on this exciting journey! May God give me grace and a sense of humor and lots of hugs on the back rubs and naps on the other end…


3 thoughts on “Headed to Arkansas

  1. We are eagerly awaiting your arrival and look forward to helping out with the kids. Hopefully you can get a little rest while you are here and we can spoil those grandkids. Prayers are with you as you travel! Love MOM

  2. Candace, I read this after I responded to your email. I will pray for good health and for an abundance of love, the kind that makes memories to carry with you. Grace and peace to you, Carol

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