The 12 Days of Christmas

This year, our family observed advent and Christmas in a new way…or, in an old way, really. We followed the church calendar and observed advent as a time of waiting. We used an advent wreath and lit candles each evening at dinner, singing “O Come, O Come Emanuel” each time.  Then, we celebrated the twelve days of Christmas! The first day was the traditional opening of presents and stockings and eating delicious foods. Each of the other days, we tried to do a little something special to celebrate together.

On Christmas Eve (writing a letter to Santa)…

letter to santa

On the First Day of Christmas…

Jedidiah excited about pirate book

scott and lilia with owl hat

Christmas morning1

On the Second Day of Christmas…

     Making natural gingerbread houses with Uncle Scott and Aunt Savanah: 




Scott & Savanah Train

On the Third Day of Christmas…

Good-byes to Scott and Savanah & mailing our Christmas cards and packages (we were a little late, obviously). 

On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

 Emily Oaks Nature Center with good friends: 


On the Sixth Day of Christmas…

Church at Living Water Community Church and a visit to the oldest woman in our community. Here are the oldest and youngest together: 

Simeon and Dorothy

On the Seventh Day of Christmas…

Craft time with mommy!

On the Eighth Day of Christmas…

     A breakfast party and fire in our backyard with all our building friends (and Lilia wearing some of her new Christmas clothes): 



On the Tenth Day of Christmas…

 Making Christmas cookies: 


On the Eleventh Day of Christmas…

    Board Games and a cheese-tasting contest: Swiss cheese won!

And, we ended the 12 days with an Epiphany party with friends, remembering the wise men and their gifts to baby Jesus. If you see Jedidiah, ask him about the gifts – he has been thinking about their meanings. What a wonderful time of celebrating Jesus, our Emanuel, God with us!


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