Thoughts from my Day…

I decided when I started this blog that I would not wait to post anything until I had a large block of time or a perfectly formulated post. Even if all I had was a sentence or a child’s quote, I would post it. The point of my blog is to journal about my memories from this intense phase of life. So, I want to resume that lack of pressure by just writing some stream of consciousness-type posts more often. In that spirit, here are a few things that happened today…

  • Everyone started to feel better, and my spirits began to lift.
  • Lilia remembered a meal that we had at a picnic last summer. She remembered that we’d brought challah bread and a salad that she really liked. She proceeded to list EVERY ingredient from that salad: carrots, chopped white stuff (cabbage), and spinach. It was a homemade cole slaw. She told me she liked it so much and wanted me to make it again. I reminded her that we also brought some meat to that picnic (usually meat is her favorite). She remembered but said she REALLY liked the salad. That girl may be a chef some day. She has such interesting tastes and quite a discerning palate.
  • Then, tonight before bed she asked me to come close so she could tell me a secret. She whispered sweetly into my ear, “When I grow up, I want to be a cook and a massage person.” I said, “Like mommy?” And she smiled and nodded. I want to soak up these sweet times when she looks up to me. I know it won’t last forever.
  • Josh gave me this great book for my birthday. It’s a D.I.Y. book by America’s Test Kitchen. And, I’m tellin’ you, it’s a cookbook, but I’ve pretty much read the whole thing cover to cover in just a few days. Tonight, we made our first recipe from it. It was that chocolate shell stuff that is liquid when you pour it and then turns to a hard shell when it hits the cold ice cream. The secret? Coconut oil! It was a hit with all of us.

That’s all for now. But, I’d say it’s been a good day of family life today.


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